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AtWork! staff members receive recognition for their efforts to make employment for all a reality for people with disabilities

AtWork! is thrilled to share the recent recognition received by two staff members. AtWork! has become known for its success in matching the talents of job seekers with disabilities to the businesses that can profit from their contributions. This success is possible because AtWork! staff are committed, innovative and courageous.

Wendy Randall, AtWork!’s Director of Quality and Community Access received a Legacy Award from the Arc of King County and was recognized as an “Employment Hero” by Dennis Bounds, emcee of the event. Wendy has made a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities for more than 25 years. She has been a catalyst for community inclusion, building the framework and pathway for over 100 people with disabilities to find their dream job. Her influence helped AtWork! move from a sheltered workshop to a community based service model. Wendy believed people with disabilities could do it before anyone else believed it could be done. When AtWork! was poised to make the strategic decision to move forward with community inclusion and a community job for all, Wendy was the believer who inspired others.

Aimee Sharp will receive the Alliance of Eastside Agencies Nonprofit Staff Member of the Year award on June 13. Aimee is an Employment Consultant with AtWork!; her primary role is to help people with disabilities find and keep good jobs. She is also passionate about public policy. Aimee joined the Community Employment Alliance to help people with disabilities advocate for themselves and for the services and funding they need to succeed. She launched the Employment for All Facebook page to keep people informed and organized dynamic grassroots advocacy. With her help, our State Legislature unanimously adopted SB6384, a law ensuring that people with disabilities have access to jobs, and the state budget for employment services remained intact. Aimee is a leader in best practices service delivery and public policy/ advocacy that together bring equal opportunity to people with disabilities. She is changing lives and how society includes its citizens with disabilities.

“AtWork! is very proud to have staff members like Wendy and Aimee, who are so committed to providing excellent services, and furthering the cause of employment for all people with disabilities,” said Chris Brandt, AtWork!’s CEO. “These highly successful professionals go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities, and I am happy to see them receive this recognition.”

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  1. James says:

    Disabled people will never be vewied as equal, so testing does not and will not ever make you qualified over other non-disabled applicants. Get real the sad reality is that we need special placements with companies who don’t freak over some physically or mentally difference if a person can do the same job, but with more accommodations to overcome their differences from the main population. In tough times only those who are not disabled will get the job unless the ADA steps in and encourages jobs for the disabled.

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