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Happy New Year from AtWork!

Greetings from AtWork! It’s the first week of 2013, and we are ready and raring to go!

Like many others, the changing of the new year at AtWork! is a time to reflect, and make plans and goals for the coming year.. When tackling a huge goal like Changing the Face of Employment™ for people with disabilities, we have to really aim high to achieve the kind of impact our clients deserve, so we thought we would share some of our new year’s resolutions with you, because we cannot achieve them without your belief and support.

  • 44 Placements in Integrated Employment! In 2011, we broke records when we placed 33 clients in community jobs, more than double any previous year. In 2012 we turned around and broke our own record, placing 39. We want to keep this trend going, so in 2013, our Employment Services team is going to place 44!
  • Snohomish County, Here We Come! Beginning in May, we plan to offer AtWork!’s employment services to residents of Snohomish County.
  • Transformation Complete! On September 30, 2013 AtWork! plans to complete our six-year transformation and officially cease to offer “Prevocational Services.” This is the last, lingering bit of our sheltered workshop era. By this time, our goal is to have every single client currently receiving “PreVoc” services engaged in meaningful activity in the community. The production work performed by the shop will continue as a stand-alone social enterprise, Packaging & Assembly Powered by AtWork!
  • Self-Sustaining Social Enterprise! One of our most challenging goals for 2013 is to nurture our four social enterprises into viable and self-sustaining, even profit-making, businesses. Through a mixture of new sales, revenue capture, cost control and service efficiencies, our social enterprises will fulfill the promise of mission support through both client training opportunities AND revenue.
  • Graduation to Employment! In 2012, AtWork! rated among the most successful vendors in the School-to-Work program, successfully placing 100% of our graduating transition students in 2012, as well as already securing placements for several of our 2013 graduates. Here’s to doing it again in 2013!


How about you? Do you have any great new year’s resolutions to share? Comment on our blog or share your resolution with us on Facebook, and we’ll enter you into a drawing for five free movie rentals from our awesome 2012 Supporter of the Year, Coinstar/Redbox!

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  1. Bernice says:

    It’s 2013, and thanks to AtWork! I have a new life for which I am grateful beyond words.

    I’ve been given the chance to experience for myself the dignity of becoming a person with a disability who no longer feels as if I’m “on the outside looking in.” I am now productive, integrated into society, and contributing to my community on a daily basis.

    Through my employment, I get the joy of *serving* the community of disabled persons of which I will *always* be a part, and that makes my employment more than just a job…it is a PRIVILEGE.

    Happy New Year, and Thank YOU, AtWork!!!

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