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Partners For Work helps Richard land a job!



Richard lands his first job at the Sammamish YMCA!

AtWork!’s partnership with Partners For Work helped Richard land his very first job at the Sammamish Family YMCA! Richard now works three days a week for a total of 10 hours. His goal is to build up his stamina so he can work up to 20 hours a week!

Richard is responsible for one of the most needed positions of the Y. He is a laundry attendant and ensures that each guest is provided a clean towel for their activity. He collects all used towels from guests,  loads and unloads the facility’s commercial washer and dryer, then folds and puts away each clean towel.

This position is a great fit for Richard and he is thriving! His enthusiasm is prominent in the fact that he shows up to work early and eager to start, sometimes volunteering even before his shift begins! He and his support team are excited about the opportunity and look forward to Richard growing in his shift responsibilities at the Sammamish Family YMCA!

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