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Thank you for supporting AtWork!’s Fall Campaign!

 Thank you for helping AtWork! Change the Face of Employment!


We appreciate everyone who contributed to AtWork!’s 72-hour Campaign! 
Together, we raised more funding for programs and services 
to put people with disabilities to work and strengthen our communities.



“I wish you could all see Paige working. She smiles from the moment she steps off the elevator. Her co-workers greet her by name. They engage her as she makes her rounds. She is accepted and encouraged. She completes her rounds with a real sense of joy and accomplishment.

AtWork! provides a job coach who keeps Paige on task and pushes her to gain new skills.

As a parent who worried and fretted about our daughter’s future, I find myself quite amazed at the woman she has become. Paige didn’t graduate to the couch. She is more involved in her community. She is more animated. She shows more interest in her surroundings. She has more connections outside of her family and friends.”

-Becky Bisbee, Parent & newest Board member of AtWork!



The health and well-being of the workers is important. It helps workers to be able to work at their full ability

 There were many things in my first job I experienced that I don’t want others  with disabilities to experience. Being yelled at and hurt in workplace is never ok. This is why I now fight for the rights of all disabled workers to be treated respectfully. 

We deserve equal pay for our work! We deserve to work in an integrated employment that accepts our differences. We need to be allowed to work with support! “

-Ivanova Smith, AtWork! Activist/Advocate


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