Staff Directory

AtWork! Staff Directory

Please call (425) 274-4000 to reach members of our staff. Those staff members with email accounts are listed below by department:

General Inquiries

Hoang Nguyen,

Betty Cortes,
Diana Chartier,

Chief Executive Officer
Chris Brandt,

Chief Operations Officer
Bob Thompson,

Director of Service Quality & Community Access
Wendy Randall,

Chief Development Officer
Dennis Maughan,

Vice President of Employment Services
Wally Tablit,

Director of Human Resources
Anne Cutone, 

General Manager of Commercial Services
John Viniotis,

Community Access
Sean Lasich,
Josephine Little,
Angela Weber,
Aaron Ziontz,

Dennis Maughan,

Employment Services
Adanna Abakporo,
Nigiste Abdi,
Mike Collins,
Autumn Cutter,
Ron Davids, CESP,
Nicole Geiger, CESP,
Bethany Grove, 
Tom Jacobs,
Devon Kyte,
Laura Lagerstedt,
George Miller,
Jeff Newport, CESP,
Julia Oylear,
Rebecca Oxford,
Cameron Parker,
Yany Whalen, CESP,
Steve Repanich, CESP,
Heidi Schauble,
Hans Tan,
Hannah Taylor,
Camylle Yamauchi,

Daniel Harting, Transition Services Manager, (Bellevue SD)

Dan Davis, DVR Program Manager,

Snohomish County Employment Services
Bonnie Chambers,
Dan Galloway,
Wendy Woolery Toonstra, CESP,

Human Resources
Diana Chartier,

Glenn Davis,

John Song,

New Client Inquiries
King: Wally Tablit,
Snohomish: Wendy Woolery Toonstra, CESP,

Cariko Brent, 

Packaging & Assembly
Marci Mechler,
Wendy Green,

John Song, (Landscaping)

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